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Pirate BBC Essex

A cutlass of pirates. Peter Phillips, Ray, Bill Rollins, Kevin Turner and Mike Barrington. All from the Caroline of the 80's.

August 2007 072 More pirate 2009 052 More pirate 2009 039

Engineering wizzard Chris Woodward - always a handy guy to have around on any outside broadcast.

Hey Rosko, my man!

Move and pirate 2009 060 More pirates 2007 045 Move and pirate 2009 044

A few of my radio heroes: Mike A'Hern, Norman St. John , Johnnie Walker and Tony Blackburn arrives on the LV18.

More pirates 2007 058

More Caroline crew: From the 90's  BBC Essex travel man, Barry Lewis, Ray and 1960's Caroline engineer Carl Thompson

gord_ray_norman_352x440 More pirates 2007 097

Gord Cruise, Ray and Norm St. John           Keith Skues, Norman and Johnnie Walker

More pirates 2007 061