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During my Saturday morning show we included a weekly link with Fred Honsburger in Pittsburgh, my friend from my days at Breeze and Rory, my former producer at Radio Cambridgeshire, now back in Sydney with the ABC. Sadly Fred passed away in 2009, although I still keep in touch with KDKA Pittsburgh and also WNEW Washington.


In 2007 I was on holiday in Australia and teamed up once again with Rory MacDonald, together with many  Essex expats, we presented the BBC Essex breakfast show from 'The Rocks' on Sydney's Bondi Beach - what a pain!

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We're always looking for good stories on Planet Ray and at the time when 'scrappage' was available  my friend and colleague Leona traded in her beloved first car, I suggested that she go to the scrapyard to witness it's end - I still feel guilty about making her watch the last few minutes of her little car.



Every year BBC Essex gets involved with Children in Need. A packed Chelmsford High Street was thrilled by breakfast show chums Richard Smith and Ben Fryer joining me in a slighly out of tune version of a Queen classic. I've also tried cooking and dancing - always with an equally disastrous outcome.

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