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Presenting the Ray Clark breakfast show on BBC Essex means getting involved with all the top news stories in the county. We have a great team working on the programme, with producer Claire and our reporters out and about  - but I still like to get out on the road as much as I can. Sometimes the story is just so big that we present the whole programme as an outside broadcast. When it came to the Dale Farm evictions we had to be there - over the years we'd spoken to all those involved, gypsies and officials, and because they all trusted our team we had an upper hand on the major national players.

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OUT AND ABOUT: Sometimes I go out to meet our guests, rather than them coming into the BBC Essex studio - you get to see around  some nice houses, although in this case the carpets were a bit faded. After a tour of Number 10 I  popped into the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

I'm involved with Burnham lifeboat and in 2011 walked to every lifeboat station in Essex  - I cheated a bit when it came to travelling from Mersea to Southend and hitched a lift with Essex police marine unit, "Are you fit?" they asked, "you'll need to be - hold on tight" as I enjoyed yet another very bumpy ride in the rough North sea on a rib with two powerful outboard motors, this time I was kitted out with a wetsuit...and still got soaked. Once upon a time , a long time ago I drove a bus for a living .. and 30 years later I got to drive the same bus again, what goes around comes around. I think over the years half the population of Essex must have travelled on MN3000.