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BBC Essex


I'd been with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for a few months when BBC Essex made contact, "would I like to talk to them about Saturday mornings?". This wasn't the first time that I'd had dealings with the BBC in Essex, I wrote to the radio station when it first started .. but there was nothing doing at the time.


However, situations change and in November 2003 I became the new boy at the New London Road studios of BBC Essex in Chelmsford, taking over from Timbo on saturday mornings.



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For about a year I was presenting weekday afternoons for Radio Cambridgeshire and Saturday mornings on BBC Essex. I was asked if I'd like to move to the Drivetime show on BBC Essex throughout the week, although I was very happy at Cambridgeshire the daily journey was a pain .. and I am an Essex boy, so I came home. In fact it was a bit of a reversal of  programmes, with me staying with Radio Cambs for a further year and presenting the Sunday morning show there while working Monday to FrIday in Essex. However, nothing stays still in radio for long and in 2007 I was offered the breakfast show...just  less than 20 years since I'd applied for the job in the first place!

Since I've been with BBC Essex I've won a few more top radio awards, including another Sony and major BBC awards too, and I continue to get involved in various radio adventures.