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By raymondclark, Dec 22 2014 03:32PM

Since I retired from a daily show on the radio, time really does fly.

Am I missing it...?, yes, a little bit, but I've always thought it best to leave when you're winning ...although it can be frustrating to listen to some presenters when you know you can do a much better job - but then, I chose to retire and I've had a very good run for my money!!

However, I've been doing a few fun things, with a couple of pieces for my friends at KDKA in Pittsburgh. I've helped and advised with a piece for BBC World Service for Christmas Day and I was a guest on Tony Blackburn's Radio Berkshire programme - that was fun.

I've still got the option of doing programmes for various online radio stations and I have had some chats about doing cover work on a couple of radio stations in the New Year, and some kind invites to help at a couple of community stations .... or perhaps I should start my own online station ....well, let's see what 2015 brings ..... and the book seems to be selling really well ..... so much so that the publisher is interested in another ....but I'm not sure I know enough about anything to write another book.

Have a Happy Christmas - thanks for keeping in touch - and be happy in 2015.

By raymondclark, Oct 20 2014 09:16PM

Four months since I 'retired' from the radio after more than 25 years of presenting a daily show - am I missing it? .... well, I'm certainly not missing doing it everyday ... but as I've said before, never say never.

However, please don't worry about me sitting idly around ... one of the good things about 'retiring' is the opportunity to do other things, and at the moment I've got a few interesting projects on the go - including working on a fascinating project with Manx Radio - more info soon.

It's amazing how many words you have to read when you record an audio book ... no, it's not mine, but it is a fascinating story - available soon ... from the author, not me!

...and my book is still doing OK, with a feature in the Irish Post coming soon ... and another book signing, at Mulligansin Romford next week.

I think I like being retired ... but if I'm asked to do something radio ish I might just say .... yes.

By raymondclark, Sep 24 2014 07:30PM

It's a worry - do I keep this blog going, or just quietly let it disappear?

Well, I've had 5 people asking for an updated blog - not many, but enough to spur me on with my ongoing diary of a retired radio presenter.

I am still retired and I'm still really enjoying the free time - but for the first time I've just started thinking of doing 'something' ... I think it follows on from being the Scottish correspondent for my friends at KDKA, explaining what was going on in Scotland to the good people of Pittsburgh - to be fair, many of them think England and Scotland are the same place anyway, but talking on the radio again was good.

Proving that it never rains but it pours and after having little contact with any radio station since June I suddenly had four of them offering me a programme - a couple of established online stations, two community stations and one 'conventional' broadcaster ... and they even wanted to pay me !!!

I've said no to all of them for the time being - but I've always thought that 'Never say Never' is a wise motto to live by .....

... and the man from Waterstones was telling me that the book is selling well ... and I've even been invited to speak at a Literary Festival .... how cool is that?

Suddenly it's autumn - where does the time go?

More soon


By raymondclark, Jul 29 2014 05:41PM

I think it's now five weeks since I 'retired' from working on the radio everyday ... now, maybe it's because of this beautiful summer, or perhaps it's because I'd been doing radio for too long - but I'm not ready to go back just yet.

However, had a voice session to do at Wise Buddah in London - that was fun .. and very productive. A few more of those would do nicely thank you ... and still home in time for tea.

It was baking in town, but London looked so good today, packed with happy people too - even those, and there were plenty, who walk into you as they try to read their phone - leave the phone till later and enjoy the sunshine, besides, if it's like my phone you can't see the screen when it's a sunny as this.

Rajar day tomorrow - now that'll be interesting, viewing all those figures from a distance - I hope if it matters, you get what you want .... or need!

Maybe I'll take on the mighty Rajar again one day .... but certainly not yet.

Enjoy August ... and don't get burnt.

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