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I'm starting to loose count ...

By raymondclark, Jul 29 2014 05:41PM

I think it's now five weeks since I 'retired' from working on the radio everyday ... now, maybe it's because of this beautiful summer, or perhaps it's because I'd been doing radio for too long - but I'm not ready to go back just yet.

However, had a voice session to do at Wise Buddah in London - that was fun .. and very productive. A few more of those would do nicely thank you ... and still home in time for tea.

It was baking in town, but London looked so good today, packed with happy people too - even those, and there were plenty, who walk into you as they try to read their phone - leave the phone till later and enjoy the sunshine, besides, if it's like my phone you can't see the screen when it's a sunny as this.

Rajar day tomorrow - now that'll be interesting, viewing all those figures from a distance - I hope if it matters, you get what you want .... or need!

Maybe I'll take on the mighty Rajar again one day .... but certainly not yet.

Enjoy August ... and don't get burnt.

Aug 1 2014 06:26AM by Jim Jennings

I know what you mean.as I worked in the City for 35 years, but now when I pop into town everyone seems to be rushing about, not looking where they are going. However, Radio Caroline's Ross Revenge has just been moved to the River Blackwater - So doesn't that tempt you just a little bit to get involved in radio again?

Aug 1 2014 10:21AM by Geoff

So that's what you've done with your retirement lump sum, bought a boat.

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