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Is it really 3 whole weeks?

By raymondclark, Jul 12 2014 07:38PM

Much to my surprise I'm quite happy not being on the radio - at least for the time being. Everyone was telling me 'you'll miss it', but I've been keeping busy doing fun stuff, plus a couple of nice voice jobs have appeared out of the blue - perhaps thats the way to go in the future.

I have at least turned a radio on this week and had a tune around - I've heard a few OK bits, but nothing that really impressed me much - shouty or boring ... I hope it's just a silly phase I'm going through and that radio might start to excite me again one day soon.

The walking and cycling thing is still going OK - if I have to get older then I'm determined to stay fit - and after 39 years of teaching my wife, Shelley is retiring this week - now that WILL be a loss for the good of mankind.

Life goes on - be happy

Jul 12 2014 07:49PM by Elizabeth Jones

Glad you are enjoying retirement, I certainly Amanda I'm sure Shelly will as well.

Jul 13 2014 08:33AM by Polly Stinson

Great that you are enjoying yourselves. Can't wait for my turn. Lots of new things to do just around the corner

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