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Is it really four months...?

By raymondclark, Oct 20 2014 09:16PM

Four months since I 'retired' from the radio after more than 25 years of presenting a daily show - am I missing it? .... well, I'm certainly not missing doing it everyday ... but as I've said before, never say never.

However, please don't worry about me sitting idly around ... one of the good things about 'retiring' is the opportunity to do other things, and at the moment I've got a few interesting projects on the go - including working on a fascinating project with Manx Radio - more info soon.

It's amazing how many words you have to read when you record an audio book ... no, it's not mine, but it is a fascinating story - available soon ... from the author, not me!

...and my book is still doing OK, with a feature in the Irish Post coming soon ... and another book signing, at Mulligansin Romford next week.

I think I like being retired ... but if I'm asked to do something radio ish I might just say .... yes.

Oct 21 2014 04:39AM by Chris Van Holby

Hi Ray. I took part in your Beatles project and am a Local Govt Press Officer persuaded to 'retire' six years ago at 63 as "people felt I was a little past my sell by date" I had a daft idea...some shops have their own online radio station playing in the shops. How about an online station for Age UKs 450 shops? It could also be offered to retirement homes. Perhaps Nostalgia UK? Format ...news..health..nostalgia..plenty of music..and ship to shore. Could be self funding from age related advertising. The value to Age UK would be to motivate their staff, who could also act as local contributors. What do you think?
Kind Regards
PS. Where and when are you in Romford next week?

Oct 21 2014 08:47AM by roger. neill

Take care. Ray My be back on Caroline whan it back on am ? Thank I for all your shows

Nov 16 2014 11:09PM by Jim Jennings

I'm looking forward to hearing you online on Radio Caroline at 6.30 p.m. on Weds 19th Nov, as part of the Manx Radio and Caroline 50th joint broadcasts.

Apr 29 2015 07:50PM by David Mallard

I cant believe that you retired; I used to listen to your Breakfast show on BBC Essex, what a scream, I know you moved to an afternoon slot and that is when I missed your whereabouts but, now I,ve found you "Happy Retirement"

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