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One whole week

By raymondclark, Jun 27 2014 07:24PM

As Murray goes into his second week at Wimbledon I come to the end of my first full week of retirement...and you know what? ... I'm lovin' it.

After 16.060 days of working, give or take a few hundred, I've been fully occupied all this week doing stuff that Raymond Colin wants to do ... apart perhaps from having to watch Eastenders on Wednsday, which is what Shelley wanted to do... oh, and Holby City - but with headphones on listening to a selection from Radio Ray on my ipod.

The fact that the weather has been great and the tennis has been on helps ... and I do wonder if I'll be quite as keen on the idea of nothing to do in the middle of January.

So, the plan is still on course, a summer break and then ,perhaps, a bit of work .... I might well feel like that in September - but for now ... can't be bothered with work - I have too many important things to do.

...except that I'm back on the radio next Tuesday and Wednesday .... but thats not real work ... !

Jun 27 2014 07:55PM by Chris Van Holby

There are some interesting stories in this week's Sunday Times on the theme of the Baby Boomers moving into retirement.

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