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By raymondclark, Jun 24 2014 06:43PM

After working full time for 44 years the day has finally come when I don't have to go into work, which is just as well since I resigned on Friday - although I hope to go back at sometime... though only when it suits me!

So, what to do with all this free time?

I got up at 6.27am, Shelley's hair-dryer makes a horrible noise, and then I carried on as usual, cup of tea, fed the cats, had a bowl of porridge, water the plants, wave off Shelley - she's still working for a few more weeks.

Don't get sloppy. It would be so easy to be lazy: washed and shaved by 8am, I'll shower later.

First new job: polish the bannister - been meaning to do that for ages .. don't think that'll be a daily job though.

Then fill out a form for another lump of work pension money .. there are loads of these to do, fortunately we have a good money man who takes care of most of this stuff, I hope! ... they want their form written in black ink, they'll have to make do with dark blue - I'm still a rebel, that's good

One lot of washing on the line and another in the machine - this must be what retired people do I expect, and then to the allotment, catching up on stuff like weeding - 2 hours of reasonably hard work.

The allotments seem busy - they're probably all retired - three people spoke to me and asked about work, told them I'd retired ... sort of....

Then I put my master plan into play, a walk or cycle ride everyday... this is how I'll keep fit and live to be 100.... a stroll along the quay turns into a 3 mile walk along the seawall and back over the fields... and the cuckoo was still in good voice .. I thought they should have flown off by now... hearing him makes me happy though ...

I think I could get to like retirement.... as long as I don't eat too much during the day: 1 x tea, 2 x coffee, 1 salad (small), 1 piece of birthday cake ( large) and a glass of Robinson's lemon barley as I sit down to watch day one of Wimbledon

Then it occurred to me; I'm retired .... and so is my mum!!

Jun 24 2014 07:20PM by John

it'll grow on you so quickly Ray, you'll soon be wondering how you managed to fit work in!

Jun 24 2014 07:35PM by Laurence Cawley

Retirement Ray seems to be the new gap year! No doubt it'll be whatever you make of it and you live life fully. Hope to see you soon.

Jun 25 2014 10:32PM by Pat and john crozier

A good start!!

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