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Several weeks on ...

By raymondclark, Sep 24 2014 07:30PM

It's a worry - do I keep this blog going, or just quietly let it disappear?

Well, I've had 5 people asking for an updated blog - not many, but enough to spur me on with my ongoing diary of a retired radio presenter.

I am still retired and I'm still really enjoying the free time - but for the first time I've just started thinking of doing 'something' ... I think it follows on from being the Scottish correspondent for my friends at KDKA, explaining what was going on in Scotland to the good people of Pittsburgh - to be fair, many of them think England and Scotland are the same place anyway, but talking on the radio again was good.

Proving that it never rains but it pours and after having little contact with any radio station since June I suddenly had four of them offering me a programme - a couple of established online stations, two community stations and one 'conventional' broadcaster ... and they even wanted to pay me !!!

I've said no to all of them for the time being - but I've always thought that 'Never say Never' is a wise motto to live by .....

... and the man from Waterstones was telling me that the book is selling well ... and I've even been invited to speak at a Literary Festival .... how cool is that?

Suddenly it's autumn - where does the time go?

More soon


Sep 24 2014 07:42PM by Paul Shread

Still miss you in the mornings Ray, but great to know you're doing OK and the book's doing well. Now that the Scottish ballot is done it must be time for the peoples republic of Dengie?!

Sep 24 2014 09:00PM by Linda

I met a friend of yours - Peter who was a policeman on the Denghie. He came to the Essex at War exhibition at Hylands http://youtu.be/rrsuNFZ553o. Glad to hear you are keeping busy but you no doubt have plenty of time for digging!

Sep 24 2014 10:39PM by Rick Massie

Glad you are doing well and still enjoying life, but I'm slightly worried that an Essex lad buried in the depths of the Dengie is the Scottish correspondent for KDKA.

Sep 25 2014 09:49PM by Geoff Grist

Hi Ray
Its good to hear from you on your blog, I was convinced with Shelly retiring that you have been on a World cruise during August. I miss you on the Radio, you have a similar sense of humour to myself, and not taking life to seriously. I guess you have the tidiest allotment on the patch. I have an allotment at Sweyne Park in Rayleigh, I have enough runner beans to supply Tesco this year, I don't think that I can save them though 250 million is a lot of runner beans..
Keep the blog going, it does not have to be too dramatic, just tell us the day to day stuff.
Kind Regards

Sep 26 2014 06:55AM by Pat

Like the others good to hear from you and glad all is going well. Hubby and I enjoy the blog as we are in the same position and having fun. Long may it continue for us all. No mention of allotment??

Kind regards

Pat and John

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