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Several weeks on ...

By raymondclark, Sep 24 2014 07:30PM

It's a worry - do I keep this blog going, or just quietly let it disappear?

Well, I've had 5 people asking for an updated blog - not many, but enough to spur me on with my ongoing diary of a retired radio presenter.

I am still retired and I'm still really enjoying the free time - but for the first time I've just started thinking of doing 'something' ... I think it follows on from being the Scottish correspondent for my friends at KDKA, explaining what was going on in Scotland to the good people of Pittsburgh - to be fair, many of them think England and Scotland are the same place anyway, but talking on the radio again was good.

Proving that it never rains but it pours and after having little contact with any radio station since June I suddenly had four of them offering me a programme - a couple of established online stations, two community stations and one 'conventional' broadcaster ... and they even wanted to pay me !!!

I've said no to all of them for the time being - but I've always thought that 'Never say Never' is a wise motto to live by .....

... and the man from Waterstones was telling me that the book is selling well ... and I've even been invited to speak at a Literary Festival .... how cool is that?

Suddenly it's autumn - where does the time go?

More soon


Sep 26 2014 02:03PM by Liz Allen

Yes, please keep the blog going. I miss hearing you in the mornings - my cup of coffee when I get in after mucking out the horses isn't as enjoyable without news of what is happening on the Dengie! If you're passing on your bike do call in for a cuppa.

Sep 26 2014 09:01PM by Liz Jones

Lovely to read how your retirement is going, glad you are enjoying it. Will you be around Burnham tomorrow for Carnival? If you and Shelly are call in at the Baptist Church for a coffee and visit our exhibition "Gifts and Talents"
Can I get the book on a Kindle?
Best wishes

Sep 29 2014 03:53PM by Jacqui

Good to read your blog. I still miss your Breakfast Show, it used to be a lot of fun and I don't bother to listen to it any more as the presenter is not someone I want to listen to in the morning. I need to wake up gently!! I miss the old crowd and have enjoyed Steve Scruton and Ian Wyatt coming back to do some presenting, hopefully you will return as well from time to time.

Oct 1 2014 09:51PM by Ros

Nice to see your blog again Ray, have missed it the last few weeks. Radio Essex is just not the same without you. PLEASE keep your blog going. All the best.

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