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The adventure continues ..

By raymondclark, Jun 25 2014 06:04PM

Day Three and I'm far from bored yet, enjoying the freedom of not having to stop doing stuff and going into work, the sunshine and watching a bit of tennis too.

My promise to myself is a walk or cycle ride every day - so around 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday, today 13 miles on my bike through the marshes ... and my first potential problem: the automatic water spray for the potato field was intermitently spraying across the road - could I pedal fast enough to avoid a soaking?

The lady at the farm shop, the lady in the Co-op and the lady in the Post Office all expressed surprise at my decision ... "Have you really retired?" all three asked .... "yes, sort off" was my reply.

Still promised myself a rest through the summer months, but just to keep my hand in I've said yes to a couple of radio shifts for a friend in Buckinghamshire next week and yes to writing a magazine and online article ... apart from that I'm still retired ... and lovin' it, so far!

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