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Two whole weeks

By raymondclark, Jul 4 2014 07:04PM

Well, after two weeks of being retired I've still not had the urge to rush back to work. ... yet.

Busy ...? I have been so busy relaxing and chilling out ... apart from working on the radio for two days !!

OK, a friend of mine from Caroline days was running a short term radio station to promote an event in Buckinghamshire - proper studio, proper station .. but the beauty was, I just had to turn up - do the show ..and then watch tennis all afternoon ... with the added pleasure of an evening curry.

So, week two of retirement has included: Elton John concert, 2 radio shows, a couple of great tennis matches, bike ride through the marshes, gardening - well watering and sitting in the garden .. looking at a holiday ... and an MOT - for the car, not me - passed.

Still feel a bit guilty for not working - until I remind myself of the years that I've done!

More sun please ...

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