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We ran a number of great competitions on Breeze including The Cash Commotion, Maharajah Magic and The Skoda Decoder, we gave away  cars and  cash over the years and holidays to many destinations including India, Namibia, China, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Disney in Florida. I was lucky enough to travel to a few of these destinations ... it was hard work though - really!



I had the opportunity to fly on the inaugral Virgin Atlantic flight to Vegas and thought it would be good to do the programme from there. I had to persuade a radio station to let me use their facilities - I found a country music station in the suburbs who gave me the keys to their studios, as our programme went out in what was the middle of the night for them. I was producer, engineer and presenter for our 'Live from Las Vegas' show ... and remember trying to get a taxi back to my hotel at 4am!


Every year the Essex Radio stations linked up with Disney World in Florida, usually we broadcast live from the Disney marathon. I travelled over with news man Peter Stewart and DJ Kitch, a good guy to have around and a great technical guy ... and still working at what was once Essex Radio - all these years later.

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The deal is that you get to sample everything at Disney ... and without the queues ... but the day starts very early and ends very late with programmes broadcast live back to the UK. The10am Sunday morning show started at 5am local time. Yes, it does get cold in Florida .. and yes, that was Jonathan Ross joining us and Honzman was there too.

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