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Light 'n' easy Breeze AM was the new medium wave service of Essex Radio. The idea was to provide a mixture of oldies and contemporary music. The original line up included Programme controller Keith Rogers, Peter Phillips (from Invicta and Caroline) John Hayes, Bill Rennells. Romilly Paradine and David Baker - I was the over night guy, starting work in Southend at 2am every day... or night.


There was plenty of pre-launch publicity, including a TV ad (Follow link) and leaflets through most doors in south and mid Essex. We all had to attend a photo shoot and we were told  to 'look old' ... I can do that without trying nowadays!

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Breeze was a very popular radio station and operated in a series of different guises over it's 12 year history. The radio station is now part of the Gold network and has no local programming, back in 1989 all 24 hours of output were live and local. We worked alongside Essex Radio, later Essex FM . In the first few years of Breeze we would play songs by artists as diverse as Elton John and Glenn Miller, this together with features such as 'Classics with your coffee' and 'Country Corner' gave us a very loyal... if 'mature' audience.