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1983 and Radio Caroline returned to the air, from a new ship the Ross Revenge, nine months later another ship arrived. The Communicator was home to Laser 558. My interest in offshore radio was rekindled and I got to hear about clandestine boat trips from various Essex ports going out to the ships with anoraks, such as me, allowed on board.

I'd been out to the previous Caroline ship on a number of occasions but sadly never managed to get onboard, athough we were invited, the skippers of the small visitor boats wouldn't allow it. I decided to enjoy the delights of 10 hours in a small boat on the North Sea once again.




I travelled out to the Ross Revenge several  times on boats of various sizes .. and in various states of seaworthiness... from a variety of east coast ports. I got to know a couple of the guys onboard including Kevin Turner and Johnny Lewis, they're still friends! .. and of course, as a visitor to the ship I came to understand more about the workings of the organisation.


The journey out to Caroline went past the Laser ship, but it wasn't until I was working for Caroline that I got to visit the Communicator, home of this hugely popular radio station.

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