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I thought I might get a mention on the radio - instead I got offered a job, and pretty quickly too. Here's how it happened:


Sunday: Heard Max Bygraves

Monday: Sent record and tape

Wednesday: Got letter asking to meet

Thursday: Drove to Canterbury  met  Roger at Invicta. "I might have some work in six months time when we start a new medium wave service "

Friday: A phone call from Roger,"Can you do overnights tonight?"


I was in, overnights on Saturday and Sunday morning on one of the coolest commercial stations around at the time, Invicta FM.



OK, time to confess, Max Bygraves is responsible for me being on the radio - here's the story: Roger Day was the programme controller at Invicta FM in Kent, he presented the Sunday morning show and featured an A-Z of pop music. On this occasion he'd got to the letter 'B' for Max Bygraves,"Here's Tulips from Amsterdam" said Roger, "I'd like to have played 'Fings ain't what they used to be,' but I haven't got that." I had a copy though (please don't ask) and sent it to Roger, as an after thought I included a tape from my time on Caroline. I really didn't think that I was good enough to work as a fulltime radio presenter, I didn't even ask about a job, I just thought that as Roger sounded a nice guy he might want to hear my tape. Naive or what???

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