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As a freelance radio guy I was working for the Tindle group, but also had a contract to programme Breeze, now owned by GWR.  After the first North Norfolk temporary licence came to an end I returned to present breakfast cover on my old radio station, Breeze. My reappearance was to coincide with a meeting with the Classic Gold bosses, who were taking control in the new year. In a particularly unpleasant way my contract came to an end after just one breakfast show - their loss ... and made sweeter for me as I was invited to join Chelmer FM, broadcasting to much the same area ... in fact I presented the afternoon show for Chelmer on the same day as I'd made my last broadcast from Breeze. I was working with David Baker, a former Breeze colleague as Chelmsford became my new radio home for 6 months, first with afternoons and then breakfast.


In between work for Tindle and Chelmer FM  I was also presenting a weekly 'Letter to America' on KDKA, the feature went out every Friday at 5pm. local time, sponsored by British Airways, who flew direct to Pittsburgh at the time, the deal included a return flight over for a holiday. Following our vacation I was again invited to Pittsburgh to join my friend Fred Honsberger on cover for KDKA breakfast, business class US Airways this time, with leather seats and proper knives and forks.

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