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In 1994 the Caroline ship was moored in the River Blackwater, as Caroline celebrated her 30th birthday we thought that Breeze could help with the party. Peter Philips and I presented an 8 hour live documentary history of Radio Caroline, featuring  music that the radio station had played and more than 40 interviews with disc jockeys that had started their careers on the ships. We received loads of press and TV coverage and hundreds of listeners came to Bradwell to visit the ship. We also had visits from special guests, among them Caroline's founder, Ronan O'Rahilly ... it was a memorable day

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It was around this time that I won my first industry award in the New York Festivals. I've been lucky enough to win a number of awards since then, including various New Yorks, Gillards, EDF and a couple of Sonys.

Kenny Everett won a silver in my first New York, beating me .. but that was probably as it should be ... so I wrote to him... and he wrote back, better still he recorded a set of jingles specially for me.

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We were always running on-air promotions on Breeze and there were plenty of Breeze Roadshows to present, always sold as part of an advertising deal, and often completely unsuitable for the event , but sometimes we got it right and the crowds turned up.

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