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I became programme controller of Breeze in 1994, during this time the playlist was adjusted to include great music from 'the last three decades'  together with selected current material - the format worked very well and with our presenter line up we bucked the trend for other medium wave radio stations .. our audience grew.

Breeze, together with the other Essex Radio group radio stations were sold and became part of the Daily Mail, for a few years things were great. The owners took over the Crawley radio stations, Mercury FM and the automated AM service - we amalgamated this with Breeze, but with Johnny Lewis (ex Caroline) taking on breakfast and the networked shows from Southend with seperate split links for Essex and Surrey audience, we brought this radio station back to life.



The world wide web was the latest thing around. We put a message online in an early radio chat room, "any radio station in America like to share stories?", a number of replies came back, including one from a guy called Fred Honsburger at KDKA Pittsburgh - the world's first radio station. " We'd like to speak to you Brits about mad cow disease and Princess Di's cellulite," both stories were huge at the time. This led to a great relationship between both radio stations, Fred and I became very good friends. He came over to use the  Breeze studios for broadcasts back to the U.S during Princess Diana's funeral.  I broadcast regularly on KDKA and still keep in touch with the radio station. Honzman - Fred and US colleague Judy also presented a weekly sixties show for Breeze.

Fred Honsburger wasn't the only American to be heard on Breeze - Emperor Rosko had been huge in the UK in the 60's and 70's .. we had Rosko too.

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