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I spent a very happy spell on the Ross Revenge, for most of the time the seas were calm, although we did go through one major storm - force 9 the others said, it was rough, but it 'only' lasted for five days. Reading the news with a paper bag in one hand is quite an art !


During my time on Caroline I learnt an amazing amount of radio. I was lucky enough to be given the afternoon programme, but I also presented weekend breakfast programmes and read news bulletins. No one ever knew the true audience figures for Radio Caroline but as a novice I had a potential audience of millions across Europe. I learned quite a bit about being at sea too, I can see the signs of a storm brewing and I could probably start the engine on a 1000 ton trawler if I ever have to - if your anchor chain ever breaks I might just be the man you need.


I was onboard for the radio station's 23rd birthday, we had a visit from Ronan, the charismatic boss of Caroline, he seldom visited. "You're going down well in London" he said. Some months later when we met again he asked me when I was going back, "you could be another Johnnie Walker" what a smooth talking guy - but I was pleased to be invited back - not everyone who went out to the ship was given the opportunity to return.


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Want to see how rough it really got? This amazing video by Dennis Jason of the Ross Revenge taken from the Communicator at anchor one mile away. Just look at that 300 foot high mast move, and amazingly the music continued