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The time eventually came to leave the Ross Revenge and go back to 'a normal life' on land. The ship taking me back to land returned via the Laser ship, which had gone back to sea as Laser Hot Hits.


I was due to return to Caroline for a further stint in November 1987, but the sea was too rough for a tender at the time, so I waited onshore for the weather to calm ... sadly before that happened the huge 300 feet high mast came crashing down in huge seas - it was sad news, I had friends who were onboard at the time ... I'm just glad that I wasn't.


I'd crossed the North sea just a few days earlier and was invited onto the bridge of the Olau Britannia, the ferry that went from Sheerness to Zeebrugge. I probably took the last photograph of the Ross Revenge with that beautiful mast still intact. The ship certainly looked different the next time I saw her.


Looking back now I realise that my life changed completly because of those few weeks spent at sea, I was well fed, I learned loads, I laughed lots, made some lasting friendships ......and I got paid - eventually!

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I was very lucky to have worked for Radio Caroline when I did - if I'd left it much later the chance would have gone - it's something that I will always be very  thankful of and extremely proud to have been a part of. Caroline continues to this day.


Who knows, I might end up there again one day, if they'll have me!



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