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My friend Martin worked in an estate agents ( he later saw the error of his ways and became a church minister) he was also in a band. One day at work  he met this guy from a building company with sites in Essex and Suffolk who wanted to sell new properties, "I've been thinking of trying a radio commercial," he said, "me and my friend Ray can help", said Martin. So I came up with a jingle on a little Casio keyboard, put some words to it ... and the man from Broseley said yes! ... Martin and his band playing the music, I did the voice over.


East Anglian Productions made some great documentary albums about the offshore stations, they also made radio commercials. We recorded the commercial in Frinton and it was played three times an hour, every hour, every day for a month on the new Independent Local Radio station Essex Radio and Suffolk's Radio Orwell.


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Ray Anderson ran EAP and needed someone to sell his radio commercials."Do you think you could sell them for me?" he asked, "If it involves going to radio stations then I'll give it a try" I answered.


I was a sales rep for 3 months ... I sold one commercial.


Good idea  .... but there were a number of reasons why it didn't work, not least because the radio stations were making their own commercials ... and were making a far bigger profit than they would if they'd bought them from me....and besides, I wanted to be on the radio - not selling ads.


FOOTNOTE: I've just seen online how big Broseley homes were at the time, we should have charged them far more than the £200 that we got for making their commercial!

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