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I was at Invicta for about a year. After a few weeks of presenting  the overnight show  at weekends I became the regular overnight presenter between Monday and Friday, this also involved  producing various travel features for the breakfast show. I also covered  programmes during the day and was the Invicta reporter for the Seoul  olympics ... the nearest I got to them was taking the medalists names from Teletext ... but I did get an extra £25 a week during the event.


The line up at Invicta was a bit like Caroline on land. I joined  johnny Lewis, Peter Phillips and Mark Matthews who had all been on the ship.  We would often meet

up in the evening, with the home of  a sales guy in Ash in Kent as the starting point  for a tour of local pubs ... with me on soft drinks before starting work at 2am every morning. The house in Ash was also where I lodged during the week. I had use of a mattress on the floor during the day - I was promised a bed, but it never materialised. We also had a cooker with no door, I remember Christmas Day 1988 when 'the radio lads' planned to eat  the Christmas dinner that we were attempting to cook. By 8.00pm the turkey was still raw so we went and got a takeaway Chinese







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Invicta was a fun place to be, but I wanted back home to Essex. Canterbury was just too far to commute to and from and this was before the QE2 bridge was built.


Word gets around in the radio industry as to where the jobs are ... or at least it was once like that, like every other industry times have changed, there are few advertised jobs nowadays. But back in 1989 I nearly missed out on the chance of returning to Essex, by the time I'd seen the ad every shift had been filled - except for overnights.



I also worked with Julie 'Jambuster', Julie Maddocks - I would work with Julie again in the future. The Invicta team also include Glen Thomsett, Neil Taylor, Graham Majin, Geoff Fitch, Terry Purves, Roger Day and Ceaser the Boogie Man.

More  Happy Days .. and another chance to learn more radio skills.

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