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I'd always been a fan of the offshore radio stations when I was at school and then after Radio Caroline closed, for the first time. I chose to listen to Dutch offshore Radio Veronica rather than Radio 1.


In the 70's  I listened to Radio North Sea, Radio Atlantis and Caroline, all broadcasting from ships. These were  fun days to listen to the radio, but what went on behind the scenes was what I really found fascinating.

I didn't realise that others shared my interest, but in 1977 I read about a 'pirate radio weekend' to be held in London, it was called Flashback 67, couldn't miss it could I?




Those who bought tickets for the event were given a questionaire about the offshore radio stations, as a fan I knew the answers .... how sad!


I was selected to take part in a quiz as part of the weekend, a sort  of university challenge for anoraks. Caroline DJ Andy Archer asked the questions .. and I won, it was even recorded and appears on a Jumbo records  LP about the whole event, if you can find it !  


Not only did I win a mini radio / tv  but  winning this quiz would eventually lead to me working on the radio!

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So I won the Flashback 67 anorak quiz and picked up a nice radio / TV, the radio part still works, the TV never did. Through winning the quiz I got to know a guy called Bill - who is still a mate and would in the future be instrumental in me appearing on a radio near you.


Bill had recordings of jingles. Everyone who was involved in the crazy world of offshore radio knew Bill   - he was a good guy to know!.


August 15th 1977 was also the first time I travelled out to the Knock Deep channel of the North Sea to see the Mi Amigo, Caroline's legendary ship. The day started in Tilbury at 6am and finished 20 hours later, I would find out in the future that boat trips to radio ships were never over quickly, and often involved going aground on sandbanks.



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