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My first job after leaving school was with the BBC. I wanted to be a dj, "Go and work in Programme Accounts", they said. So instead of working as a Radio1 disc jockey, I worked in the office that paid them, although the chances were there, had I been smart enough to see them. Every day I collected contracts from the Light Entertainment department, from the very office where the dj's were hired...but I didn't realise the significance of what went on in that room. I should have given them my tape and said,    " will you take a listen to this? "

I spent 2 years working for the BBC in London - it was to be more than 30 years before I was working there again.



In 1971 our local newspaper , The Maldon and Burnham Standard , printed a story about a man who wanted to run a radio station for Maldon. I wrote to him and he gave me the chance to play at being a disc jockey on Radio KING...it didn't broadcast anywhere, but it was my first experience of being in a radio studio, even if it was in a back bedroom.

 The recordings from August 1971 survive... sadly 'painter Doug's dream' of Radio Maldon didn't quite happen... although community station Saint FM does serve the area now.


At this time I contacted Hospital Radio Chelmsford, I spent a couple of Sunday afternoons there, I remember being allowed to cue up a record: Tom Tom Turnaround by New World - but I don't think they were ready for me at the time ... and Chelmsford was a long way from home for a 16 and year old with no car.







Together with my cousin Paul we started 'The MayRay Roadshow' I did  just a couple of gigs with him but  it was 1976 before I owned a proper 'FAL disco unit '. Between 1976 and the early 80's my very own 'double decks' together with two columns of music to light boxes and an oil projector worked  hard, playing records in all sorts of places including The Ship pub in Burnham for the regular Friday and Saturday night disco,


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33 Cavendish Square in London was the place where I first worked on leaving school for £720 a year ! It was just around the corner from Broadcasting House, and as a BBC staff member I could enter freely, taking a different route to the canteen every time...searching for radio studios.

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