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My latest adventure starts here:


After nearly seven years of getting up at 3.30am for BBC Essex Breakfast and 12 years as a BBC staff member I've decided it's time for a change. So, as from June 2014 my boss is me...RadioRay!


I will still be heard on BBC radio from time to time, but now I'm looking forward to enjoying a few new adventures


If I can help you as a multiple award winning radio presenter, broadcaster, writer, documentary maker, friendly media man, trainer or you just need a great voice then please do make contact.              


I am always available for interesting projects - talk to me about your idea, I might be able to help.


[email protected]

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2 x Radio Academy Sony awards


3 x BBC Gillard awards


8 x New York Festivals awards


5 x EDF media awards


..... and 2nd place for my dahlias at Southminster Flower Show ...#proud!