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The Ray Clark Breakfast Show - winning team: Ben, Ray, Claire and Sonia in the photograph on the left, same people different order on the right ... not that this photo was posed!  Please take note that I always wear a white shirt for work ... and usually a tie  - Yeah!


Ariel - Psychic banana's always right___ mostly Essex Breakfast _63499782_bananarayandsonia Breakfast team

Ray and Sonya with the Psychic banana (centre).

Follow the link for the full Psychic  Banana Story.


Just a simple idea that started on Planet Ray .... and it spread across the whole BBC Local Radio network - Fab!  


Did you see  the great TV Trail? ..... Apparently 17.4 million viewers did.


Apart from the top Essex news stories we also report on the latest events off the west coast: Don't miss the occasional 'Scilly News' bulletins .... and remember, BBC Essex is the spiritual home of the Psychic banana.