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TOWIE: One of these people has a string of businesses operating in Essex , has 2 million followers on Twitter and is probably a millionaire, the other one is me - Shuttup!

602618_418782031510583_1922496314_n 6202_418441014878018_847094496_n Guy Fawkes 2012 012 Guy Fawkes 2012 016

...but Amy Childs from 'The only way is Essex' doesn't have a jumper like this .. or a smiley psychic banana, and I'm not sure if she's ever met Pudsey!

Remember, Remember the 5th of November:

So where did Guy Fawkes leave his gupowder in 1605. I went to the Houses of Parliamnet to find the very spot, and there it is - right next to the cycle rack.

Piano lesson Number 6

So BBC Radio 3 asked if anyone would like to learn to play the piano.

I can now do the introduction to 'I don't like Mondays' complete with Glissando thanks to the patience of my teacher Fiona... Radio 3, Fancy!