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Charlie Pitcher is going for the world record for fastest solo crossing of the Atlantic in a rowing boat - OK, it's a pretty flash looking rowing boat, but would you like to spend 40 days and 40 nights alone in this with 30 high waves all around you? Thats Charlie on the far right - but I gave the boat a quick look over - it's not very big and rolls a lot!


Congrats to Charlie - he did it and he holds the world record.


Atlantic Crossing 2012 003 Atlantic Crossing 2012 005 Atlantic Crossing 2012 008


While we're talking all things nautical, take a look at all the shipping movements in the Knock Deep, known in the 80's as Pirate Alley and home to the Caroline and Laser radio ships, it's now the construction area for hundreds of wind turbines as part of the London Array. Times change and now, just like the once quiet street that you lived in, it's busy, busy, busy, (Click on headline - The Knock Deep is around 12 miles east of the Breakaway Republic of The Dengie Hundred)


Those building the turbines could be in for some interesting finds .... perhaps they'll come across the waste shield from the galley drain on the  Ross Revenge that I dropped over the side when I was cleaning it. I guess there are other bits of radio ship down there still, many of them much bigger than a drain cover.

Thames Estuary chart