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Thames Forts 2012

On Sunday 7th October 2012 I boarded the Paddle steamer Waverley on a cruise from Southend pier to take a look at  the old war time forts in the Thames estuary. They were used in the 1960's as the base for a number of offshore radio stations and have always fascinated me - sadly every time I see them they are in a worse state of repair, which seems a shame considering the historic  role that they've played in protecting and later entertaining  our country.


The sea was amazingly calm and the light was beautiful with weak sunlight shining through the mist.    




Noerth Sea Forts October 2012 042 Noerth Sea Forts October 2012 044 North Sea Forts October 2012 071+

We sailed via Red Sands, Shivering Sands and the Knock John Forts with a close up view of each of them. But all the forts are visible from Essex and Kent , and you don't have to be on the coast, you'll need good eyesight  though... and you'll need to know where to look ... and where from!.... just ask and I'll tell you!